10 Activities to keep you Occupied During the Quarantine

April 11, 2020

If you have been paying attention to the news, a large percentage of Americans (and the world) are cooped up at home, due to virus outbreak. Many companies have implemented mandatory Work-From-Home. While all schools, colleges, and universities are opting for online courses. This is something different than we have ever experienced, here are some activities you can do during theCoronavirus quarantine.

1) Journal your thoughts. You are living through history right now!How do you feel? Hopeful, anxious, relaxed, Whatever it may be, journalinghelps process your thoughts and it can be a relaxing experience. It is nevertoo late to start recording your emotions and experiences.

2) Make candles. Everything about candles is calming, watchingthe flame dance, smelling the delicate scents, seeing the light flicker. Candlemaking is even more calming, all you need is wax and essential oil scents.Maybe some colored wax just to add some razzle-dazzle. Search the web forsimple candle making instructions.

3) Create a playlist. Those long car rides, intense workouts, andrelaxing days at the beach, you will be grateful for the dope playlist youcreated now.

 4) Practice your makeup skills. Yes, we know you're not going anywhere butguess you can post your gorgeous looks to social media for others to awe over.We are a makeup company (The Beem Box) we would be remiss if we didn'tshamelessly plug ourselves :)

5) Do some art. Get your creative juices flowing and createsome great artwork. You really only need a pencil or pen and some paper. Howabout you reach outside the box, try watercolor, pastels, ink even! You maydiscover a hidden talent you never knew existed.

6) Reach out and rekindle oldfriendships!

Remember your best friend from high school,that old coworker that you loved, YOUR GRANDPARENTS-- reach out just sayingyou're thinking of them.

7) Do a self-care day. Tweeze those brows, give yourself a mani-pedi,shave your legs girl! You may be stuck at home, but you can still treatyourself to a good time.


8) Make a Tie-Dye shirt. Tie-Dye is making a comeback, you can easilycreate cool designs from Pinterest. If tye-die isn't your thing, find ways to repurpose your clothes.


9) Put on a fashion show! Yes, we said it, put together some cuteoutfits you can wear and show off once it's officially summer.

10) Learn a new skill. Something simple that won't cause you stress.Learn how to solve a Rubik cube, learn how to edit a video or learn how to do anew TikTok dance. Pick something without too much commitment that will keep you occupied.

Stay safe, and wash your hands!

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