5 WOC owned makeup brands, you need to know!

April 11, 2020

Did you know that August isNational Black Business month! Don't trip, we didn't either at first. This is the month in which we recognize black owned business (*Ahem The Beem Box Ahem*) in various sectors. Black owned business account for only 10% of U.S business,with a majority of them being in health care, restaurants, beauty salons,social assistance, repair and maintenance, and more. Here is a list featuringblack owned makeup brands you need to know and support! Tag your posts #nationalblackbusinessmonthonce you stock up on new makeup form the brands below.

1. Fayve

Fayve is makeup brand that offers youessential liquid lipsticks. Fayve Cosmetics was founded on valueslike trust, confidence & loyalty...in your lipstick, of course! Fayvecosmetics offers shades that are sure to be a staple in your makeup bag. Your"Right hand, Trusty Dusty, Go-To, Holy Grail, consider them yourfayve!"

2. 241 Cosmetics

241 Cosmetics is newly launched makeup brand,owned by twin sisters from Eritrea. Their cosmetics line embodies your classic fundamental makeup look. 241 Cosmetics describes makeup as transformative and avessel to inspire deeper conversations--and we couldn't agree more. Makeup canbe a tool to evaluate and enhance!

Their mission is to create an effor tlessbeauty brand that instills confidence, kindness and integrity. Check out theirselection of neutral lipsticks.

3. OOO Polish


OOO Polish is nail polish made for women ofcolor! OOO polish began to create inclusive colors that reflected deeper skintones. Presenting colors, where your are the first thought, and not an afterthought. Instinctively made for women of color is their creative focus andi nspiration, but they also embrace inclusivity and beauty in all shades. 

OOO Polish creates custom colors thatblend beautiful with deeper and darker skin shades.

We all know what it's like to "look downat my nails after a stressful day and say 'Ooo! My nails are still cutethough!' it makes me a little happier on the inside!

4. Mayen World

Mayen world is natural makeup brand thatcreates custom-blended makeup for unique complexions. Based in Geneva, Mayenbreaks complexion down into a science--depth, undertone, chroma, temperatureand overlay, the ComplexionID Guide provides your unique code for a customshade. Mayen World "believes that the products used should celebrateeverything that you are because you are beautifully unique."

A first of its kind, Mayen World is set to transform the makeup industry.


5. Lip love

Its not a lipstick or a lipgloss, its Liplove! This is a vegan, cruelty-free lippie that moisturizes and rejuvenateslips.

In unique colors unlikely to be found withother brands and formulated with high-quality, certified organic oils, thebenefits of Liplove lasts well beyond wear.

Lip love was founded upon the belief thatbeauty is universally unique, and operates upon the ideal that beauty beginswithin. Lip love is on a mission to empower you with clean products that willmake you look and feel your best.

Their formula does not contain parabens,phthalates, PEGs, synthetic fragrances, or any toxic preservatives. If you'relooking to start using clean makeup, start here!

The Beem Box is not affiliated with any of these makeup brands. This blog post was not sponsored.

Do you know any small brands that are perfect for WOC, tag us on IG or send us an email at info@thebeembox.com

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