Beauty subscription box for women of color: The Beem Box has launched

April 10, 2020

Our site is live! May boxes are officially available for grabs.

We thought we would take the opportunity to introduce The Beem Box

The Beem Box is a beauty subscription box for women of color. But she is more than that, shes--yes she!--is here to help you radiate, shine, and Beem.

The Beem Box is known as the best friend you never knew you needed. You know, that one friend that cheers you on when you're about to shoot your shot; or the friend that’s always looking out for you—she catches the toilet paper stuck to your shoe. Or better yet, the friend that lends you her favorite eyeliner because you have a party coming up and HAVE TO look bomb.

That’s The Beem Box.

The Beem Box stans for women of color (WOC).

Far too often in the beauty industry, women of color are an afterthought. Whether it’s a new foundation, concealer, or lip product – the story remains the same. Beauty companies continue to create makeup for a limited range of shades. The Beem Box hopes to change this, by providing to her customers eye shadows, lipsticks, blush, concealers and much more—that fit deeper shades, pigments, and undertones.

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