Makeup Trends for 2020

April 11, 2020

With the start of anew decade, we are expecting to see the beauty world turned on its head--andits about damn time! Truly think about it, when was the last time you feltextremely creatively inspired by a new makeup trend?

Cut-crease *yawn*

25mm mink lashes*snoreeee*

Bold bushy brows, meh.

This 2020, we hope to see the beauty community creating and developing the wildest trends yet--ones that push us to truly enjoy makeup and all it has to offer. In the meantime we have put together a short list of trends we are excited see rise in new year.

1. Breathable skin 

The skincare risehas paved way to this new trend. As makeup gurus have started paying betterattention to skincare, we have seen an uptick in the “breathable” skin look.Try out this trend by using less foundation, or simply using concealer to spotcorrect, or a light sweep of foundation powder. The aim of this look, is to letyou skin shine through—lets celebrate those birthmarks, freckles, andhyper-pigmentation spots! Everyone has them.

2. Blurred lips

Gone are the daysof sharp lip liner obsessions. This new lip trend has been seen on countlessrunways. The blurred lip look is created by using bright red or soft pinklipstick, in the center of the lips—and effortlessly blurring outward. Thislook is best created with a lip tint or lipstick, and is the perfect finaltouch for a makeup ‘no-makeup’ look.

3. Colorful eyeliner

Some may say thistrend vaguely resemble 80's makeup party look, but we like to think of thistrend as the younger, cooler sister. Colored liner is the perfect go-to for ayouthful look, that steps away from the basic matte eye shadow. This look canbe recreated by using a colored liquid liner, or any colored eye shadow and athin angled brush--along the base of the eye.

4. Natural lashes

Everything we’veseen would seem to contradict this trend, Instagram has been buzzing with 25mmmink lashes, butterfly lashes, and the fluffy-iest lashes ever. But recently wehave seen a rise in makeup artists opting for a more natural look, using athickening or lengthening mascara. The goal is to get a clump free look,without compromising on volume and length. Try this look out, but using a freshmascara wand, and taking time to pay attention to the defining each lash.

5. Floating eyeliner

Hooded, monolid,tapered eye lids rejoice—the floating liner trend, is one of the few eye makeuptrends that works on everyone. This trend draws attention to the eyes, andallows for a sophisticated look with a hint of color. You can easily recreatethis look using a thin brush and any colored eyeshadow

Let us know in the comments below, which of these trends you are loving? And which of these youare going to try out?

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