Should you wear red lipstick to work?

April 10, 2020

In this day an age, women are more closely scrutinized on their work appearances, even more so if you are women of color. The color red is very often associated with captivating words such as hot, igniting, stimulating, anger, power, passion, alert, danger,  aggression, and awakening. So in a corporate setting red lipstick can portray a different message than intended  And depending on your work environment this may not be the message you want to put forward.

We spoke with a few ladies that work in corporate settings for their opinions on wearing red lipstick to work.

" Haha I love the color red, so my answer may be very biased. I see red as strength, confidence, intensity--but like in a positive way. So when I wear red to work, I feel strong and confidence. I dont wear it , thinking about how others may see me. I wear it, because of how it makes me feel. And some might say that is flawed, but do I really want to work in place where I feel like I cant express myself--uhmm no thank you"

- Jordan, 23, Jr. Buyer

"Red lipstick at work is hard no for me. I work in a male-dominated field and I feel like wearing red lipstick to work would emote those words you mentioned--hot, passion, stimulating etc. I would be afraid to put forth that message at work, so I stay far away from red lipstick. I typically stick to nudes, and pinks."

- Keliana, 39,  Design Engineer.

"Honestly, I feel like the "no red lipstick at work" is so outdated. Red is just a color, yes there are emotions connected to it, but to limit oneself just because someone's color-emotion is different from yours is... well limiting. I even don't really wear makeup, but if I did hell yes I will wear red lipstick to work"

- Lauren, 29, Executive Assistant

As all the ladies stated, we admit that red lipstick does evoke some level of emotion; but we believe it is your character that will put meaning behind your red lipstick. Here are some red lipstick shades we love, and we think are perfect for work, whatever the setting.

TLDR; Red lipstick to work? Yup The Beem Box approves!

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