The Beem Box September sneak peak : PYT Beauty

April 11, 2020

September/October boxes have shipped and if you're still wondering whether you should sign up for the The Beem Box, here is a sneak peak of one of the products included this fall.

P/Y/T beauty is a makeup brand that genuinely cares about what you put on your body. They offer "CLEAN MAKEUP THAT DOES MORE WITH LESS". P/Y/T Beauty was made to break the routine, by offering products that make you feel good inside and out.

There’s abetter way to beauty—one that feels good inside and out, keeps it real with ingredients, and makes your life easier and better. 

Their makeup line leaves out things like parabens, phthalates, and petrolatum. Not only are they about clean ingredients, they are about clean practices, by rejecting animal cruelty their research and testing.

In the E.U. there over 1,400 harmful ingredients that are banned from being used in cosmetics, while the FDA has only banned about 4. So P/Y/T took the initiative to create products that are compliant with the E.U. list as well! P/Y/T Beauty® does not see creating clean cosmetics as a trend—they see it as the standard.

Good for you, and great for your wallet

If you thought this brand could not get any better, they are all about quality products with a good price. Providing 'long-lasting formulas which you can run errands, head to the office, then roll up to happy hour—still looking fresh'.

Their advance 'Multitalented designs: Dual-ended lipsticks, attached blending brushes, formulas that include primers and multiple finishes.' will be options to replace your staple products--without breaking the bank, and all the while providing, clean cruelty free makeup.


In The Beem Box for September, we included the P.O.V BrowPencil, priced at $16.00. This two-sided pencil defines, tames, and fills out your brows in one quick swoop. A spoolie brush to keep each hair in place, and the other side a fine pointed pencil to create natural, hair-like strokes, 

You can use it to build it up for big bolder brows or simply fill in your arches for more definition. It checks all your boxes: clean, cruelty-free, hypoallergenic makeup, and the perfection addition to The Beem Box.

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