Wednesday Woman of Wonder: Jackie Aina

April 10, 2020

All makeup lovers have their national treasure, the kids have James Charles (if he's not completely canceled). The makeup OG's have Jacyln Hill, and we WOC have Jackie Aina. If you're a big fan like us, you have been following Jackie from the start.

*Sings theme song*

🎶Jackie Jackie Jackie, Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackie🎶

Jackie is a Makeup Artist turned influencer. Her lovable comical, while yet, informative YouTube videos brought her the 3 million subscribers she has today.

While in the US Army Reverse stationed in Hawaii, Jackie found a talent for makeup artistry, she worked for MAC prior to taking her talents online where she began posting YouTube videos.

When we say “Auntie Jackie taught us” that is an understatement. It was Jackie Aina that taught us how to properly contour for pigmented skin, Jackie Aina taught us the proper technique of applying falsies, She taught us about undertones and pigments! And Shades galore! With her skill, knowledge and following--Jackie has worked with elf cosmetics, Sigma Beauty, Artist Couture and many more.

She produces engaging, teachable content, all in a light-hearted and enjoyable manner. Jackie never shyed away from confronting the makeup industry on the behalf of people of color.

In 2017,  when Ms. Aina expressed her opinion that the Too Faced foundation did not feature enough shades, Too Faced announced a collaboration with her in order to expand their shade range. Aina worked with Two Face to develop new shades, and their range expanded from 24 to 35.

Jackie has been a gleam of light in the beauty industry, she has been quoted to say

"We all come from so many different backgrounds and we also come in different shades and varieties, and what may be something that I'd be willing to overlook may not be the case for someone else."

We couldn’t have thought of a better Woman of Wonder (the same week as our launch week!) to feature this week; someone who stands in line with The Beem Box beliefs and motto. If you haven't heard of Jackie Aina, crawl out from under  your rock and go binge watch all her videos! You'll be glad we told to you :)

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