Wednesday Woman of Wonder: Simone Biles

April 11, 2020

With 4th of July coming up, we thought Ms. Simone Biles would be the most iconic Wednesday Women of Wonder for this week. Like come on, who is more American than Simone Biles!

Simone Biles is anAmerican gymnast, she first gained our attention by being a part of the “FinalFive” a gold-medal-winning-team at the 2016 summer Olympics in Brazil. Simone is well known for abilities to triumph at the floor exercise, balance beam, and the vault!

Simone Biles is the definition for her Black girl Magic—using her skills to crush the competition; with four Olympic gold medals, Biles set an American record for most gold medals in women's gymnastics at a single game.


Owning a whopping19 world and Olympic medals, Simone Biles is the most decorated American gymnast—we're just going to let that sink in…

Not Female.

Not African American.

Just simply American, meaning she is the first to conquer this feat. Many consider Biles to be the greatest gymnast of all time. Biles was chosen as one of the sponsors of the US Navy aircraft carrier USS Enterprise—among some of the first Olympians to be given this sponsorship.

If her feats still haven’t made your head dizzy, she was also one of the finalists for Time magazine's 2016 Person of the Year.

 Gymnastics being a highly critiqued sport, Biles received negative comments about the state of her hair. For many black women hair can be a very sensitive topic.

A picture was posted of Simone sporting a messy bun after an intense practice, the internet was afire with comments, stating she needed to "fix" her hair. And when consistently badgered about her hair—Biles responded to haters saying:

"I have 1 question to everyone commenting about my hair when I genuinely look happy in the photo… Do you look perfect ALL the time? Everything in perfect order?"

And we swooned over this answer, the modern day WOC is far from perfect.

Here at The BeemBox, we stan for women like Simone Biles—a record breaking gymnast, and confident woman in herself. She is unapologetic for her so called“imperfections” but strives to perfectly crush her goals.

She reminds us that we are capable of achieve, surpassing, the goals we set.

Go ahead, and baskin the goodness of this clip of her during the 2016 Olympics on the floor exercise. In the comments, let us know other athletes that inspire you!

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