what is the beem box?

The Beem Box is a beauty subscription box for Women of color owned by women of color. A beauty box in which you will receive 5 to 6 full-sized beauty related items, carefully selected for deeper and darker shades, pigments and undertones.

What should I expect to receive in my box?

You can expect to receive anything beauty related--such as liquid lipsticks, eyeshadows, makeup brushes, liquid liner, moisturizer, lip liner, setting spray, eyelashes, lip glosses, mascara, lipstick, body lotion, and much more!

what are plans are available?

We offer one plan; receive a beauty box every two months and be billed $39.95.

how will i be billed?

You will be billed when you first sign up, then after you will be billed on the 17th of each Delivery month.​

Delivery months: Jan, March, May, July, Sep, Nov

when do boxes ship?

Your first box ships within 3 business days of billing*​

Your next box ships within 3 business days of 17th of each Delivery month.​

*If your first order falls between the 1st and the 16th of a Delivery month, your first box will ship on the 17th once the new box is released.

Delivery months: Jan, March, May, July, Sep, Nov

what are add-on's

Add-on's give you the opportunity to purchase products individually. In The Beem Box Unboxing blog posts, we will reveal which products will be available for add-on's to your next box.

  • Full priced items $15 to $20 will be $13 as an ADD-ON
  • Full priced items less than $14 will be $10 as an ADD-ON

what is your cancellation policy

You can cancel at anytime!
Log into your account to either skip a box or cancel your subscription

does the beem box offer refunds?

Once you have been billed for a subscription of the month we are unable to offer a refund, return, or exchange.

what is sold-out mode?

Sold-out Mode, means we are sold out of the current box :(
You are welcome to put in your order, to ensure you have a box at first availability.
Your first box will be shipped out on the 17th of the upcoming Delivery month.

why was my order denied?

We have the right to refuse orders from any persons with suspicious or fraudulent accounts. If you believe your order was denied in error, please email us at

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping is always $5, regardless of what state you live in!

Does the beem box ship internationally?

Unfortunately at this time, we do ship internationally. We only ship within the United States and we are working hard to integrate this. Please follow us on instagram for when we announce internationally shipping is available.@TheBeemBox

How does a gift subscription work?

You can order a Beem Box subscription as a gift, the recipient will receive three Beem Boxes as they are released. Boxes are released on the 17th of each Delivery Month.
Once the three boxes have been shipped, you can cancel the subscription or the gift subscription will be automatically renewed, for another 3 boxes.

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