5 Box Braids Hairstyles for summer

April 26, 2021

Summer is coming! Is it just me, or is the desire to get a fresh hairstyle getting stronger and stronger?

And by fresh hairstyle I’m talking about the beautiful, and timeless Box braids! Why Box Braids, you ask.

Well dear, let me convince you in 5 pictures that you need Box Braids now !

Many consider them a protective hairstyle during the colder seasons, but I beg to differ. Don’t get me wrong, yes they’re amazing for the colder seasons--but that doesn’t mean that’s the only time they should be considered.

Indeed it’s an amazing braided hairstyle to wear in summer and the main reason is its versatility. With box braids you get to be very creative while protecting your hair !

I came with receipts to show you that Box braids are THE hairstyle you wanna go for this summer season.

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Classic Black Box Braids for a natural-looking risk free hairstyle. (@okoyehair)

This is the most common braid style. You can choose the thickness and length but you can also be creative in terms of colors. Don’t narrow it down to black or brown. Add some pop of color in the mix. It’s a timeless style to wear all year around.

Box Braids in a Bun - (@Lesley) - A bun is a very classy way to wear your hair. whether it’s a low or a high bun. It also accentuates your facial features, add a great make up look and (tada!) you’re ready to shine! Buns are also a great option because it frees you from having to deal with the braids moving around.
Have fun with it and create multiple buns if you feel like it.

You could do it the pigtail-way with two buns on top of your head, or you could leave a few braids out for a more playful look.
Another gorgeous option is a half bun in the middle of your head and leave the rest of the hair down.

Box Braids in a ponytail - @pattielepugh

With This look you also get to have fun as you can do a half ponytail or a full ponytail. Keep in mind that in the beginning of having the box braids done it might weigh heavily on your head to have a full ponytail. But as days (maybe a week) go by the braids will start to loosen up and you’ll feel more comfortable.

Box Braids with rings - Link

This hairstyle allows you to choose from different rings or hair ornaments that you may like and to simply put them on your braids. Some would only put one or two rings on one braid but why settle? Having smaller rings on most of your braids can definitely be a stylish option as well.

Box Braids braided - @stormreid

Braids on braids on braids--more braids please! Why not do braids on top of braids, for a trendy chic look. Or you can even add natural curl box braid--If you sleep with the braids-on-braids or dip them in hot water (be cautious here) you’ll end up with a wavy beachy braids hairstyle.

The options are infinite here ! So have fun with it and share with us your hairstyles !

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