5 Top Gift Ideas for your Girl Group

April 11, 2020

Christmas is our favorite holiday, but like everyone else we dread Christmas shopping. Especially when it comes to picking items for the girl group. SHOPPING FOR 5+ GIRLS, with all different personalities?!? We're already tired before even starting. The Beem Box is hereto help! Here is a list of the best gifts you can get for your girlfriends.

1) The Techy friend

This is for the woman that has every gadget you can think of. She is the first one to convince you need to update your phone to newest model. This Apple docking station, is the perfect way for her to keep all her gadgets charged and ready for use.Walmart, Target, and Amazon have their own variations, and prices. Get her this gift and she'll be sure to think of you every time she charges her ear-pods.

2) The Makeup Lover

We would be remiss if we didn't list TheBeem Box, this is for the bestie that loves makeup. Every occasionher highlighter, lashes, and lipgloss are always on point . The Beem Box, is a beauty box for women of color, with 5 to 6 full-sized beauty products carefullyselected for Brown skin. Get her this box, and she'll soon be sharing her bestmakeup tips with you.


3) The Fashion Fiend

This is your fashionista best-girlfriend, sheis the one who owns all the best pieces but with that, she has a closet thatcould clothe you twice over. Marie Kondo's book Spark Joy, will notdull her fashion sense, but it will help her keep her closet perfectly organized.

4) The Chef of the bunch

This is for that girlfriend, that throws itdown in the kitchen. The one, that Everyone is begging to attend her dinnerparty cause she makes the best food. This Picnic set, is theperfect gift because now she won't need an excuse to cook that fancy 5 coursemeal. The picnic set comes with, napkins, plates, even wine glasses--so make sure you include a bottle of róse.

5) The Gluten free, Vegan,Health conscious, Everything-green Bestie

We all know this girlfriend, she sends youlinks of scary health documentaries, at 1 am--all because she cares genuinelyabout you. This Hydroflask is theperfect gift to keep her going green--this sleek reusable bottle, keeps drinkscold or hot for 24+ hours. It will also survive any hike, camping trip, andrun! She is sure to get years use out of this bottle.

Let us know in the comments below which of these items you will be coveting for yourself, orbetter yet--which item you gave as a gift, and only received compliments back.

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