Alternatives to acrylic nails to do at Home

February 20, 2021

Is there a better feeling than having your nails done? Like seriously, there’s something about seeing your fingers moving around looking shiny and colorful. Hearing a fresh mani typing on the keyboard is another level of satisfaction.

HOWEVER, sometimes it’s very satisfying and more beneficial to do our own nails at home. The first great reason to do it yourself: it’s cheaper and we get to use our very own polish!

And second we can be as creative as we want. Indeed doing your own nails at home won’t have you dependent on another person’s availability. You’ll be able to change your nails whenever you feel like it without having to make an appointment.

It's also more sanitary when you use your own tools from the comfort of your very own home.

And finally, call it your self care time. It’s that time you can use to relax, pamper your own self with your favorite show playing in the background and focusing only on one thing: not messing up that mani!

We’ve selected a few nails Ideas for you to create at home. The goal is to inspire you and give you more ideas about your nail game, which will also allow you to be more unique!

The accent nail:

Having the ring finger stand out from the crowd has been an ongoing trend. Usually it’s a different color or pattern. Here there’s a little twist on the accent nail, with some texture, that’s where the subtlety lies and we love that.

To achieve that at home you’ll need a matte top coat to use on that one ring finger.

The Frenchy Manicure Gone Wild:

So we all know the french have a whole manicure named after them, which consists of white tips, and a nude coat. So how about we keep the intention but switch colors? Be creative about that! Blue, Red, Orange you name it!

Namaste Fabulous:

Alright alright alright, so what did we say earlier? An at home manicure is your pamper time. Think about it as a kind of meditation. Because at the end of the day the two have a lot in common. During meditation you inhale and exhale, while accepting thoughts. During the manicure you inhale and exh… HOLD the breath before you mess up the polish… okay maybe it’s not exactly the same but you’ve got the idea.

The blended family/squad:

Let’s have a different identity for each finger. Have fun thinking about a unique pattern for each. It can also be a different color, the point of it is to have a unique manicure that you won't find on someone else.

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