The Beem Box : November/December 2019 Unboxing

April 11, 2020

Closing out the year with a bang! This is the5th official Beem Box. We launched early this year in March--and we're are sohappy to keep providing makeup for women of color. This box has theme of red,purples, and golden-- so you can finish out this year looking regal.

Maive Cosmetics - Hustle & Bustle palette#2 Palette

Four highly functional nude-neutral tones withhints of berry sprinkled in. Ideal for both a day and a night look, thispalette is perfect for someone looking for a mix of sophisticated andcharming shades that complement your gorgeous features. This neutral blend ofcool tones are sure to pop on the richest of skin tones.

Fearless Beatue - Highlighter

A rich golden bronzer to highlight andaccentuate cheekbones, which can also be used as a body shimmer, or the perfectbronzey eye shadow for your year-round staple look. Fearless Beatue, is anup-and-coming, woman of Color owned makeup company. Take a look at theirwebsite for more products! 

Crystal Hearts - Glacial Water cleanser

Easily remove all the built up gunkand wake up with a fresh face, this unique makeup remover hydratesand smoothes the skin as it gently cleanses away even the moststubborn residues — from foundation, to liquid lipsticks and evenpigmented eye shadows.

To use:

1. Take a pea size amount for each section ofthe face.

2. Rub in with fingers, till product dissolvesto oil.

3. Wipe with damp cloth to remove makeup.

4. Follow with you regular facial cleanser tocompletely remove oil.


Focallure - Liquid Lipstick

Long-wearing, moisturizing, full-coveragecream-to-matte color in a range of statement-making  shades for all skintones. A unique formula that provides the rich color of a lip stain and theshiny finish of a lip gloss. This rich liquid lipstick will remain in placethroughout the day, without smudging, flaking, peeling, or smearing!

FaceAtelier - Ultra Matte Setting Spray

This innovative Ultra Matte is the first eversilicone-based spray mattifier that banishes shine without dulling the skin. Itcontains optical blurring pigments that minimizes the look of fine lines andwrinkles. Use this spray in the last step of your makeup process to lock andset everything in place.

The Beem Box - "Use Good Stuff"Makeup bag

An added bonus to this month's box, the"Use Good Stuff" Make up Perfect sized makeup bag to hold all yourBeem Box beauty products in one place. 

Comment below yourfavorite products from this months box. Or drop any questions you have on theproducts we included!

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