Tutorial/Guide - Which makeup brushes should I use?

March 31, 2021

So spring has started, the flowers are blooming, birds are singing and of course we’re finding ways to keep beemin’!

It’s also time for spring cleaning which means sorting out old stuff, putting away winter clothing and taking out the spring/summer collection. It’s also a good reminder to clean your makeup brushes sis. Well, you definitely shouldn’t wait till every new season to do so, but it’s worth the reminder.

And because a new season also means renewal of “old items” we decided to include a full eyeshadow makeup brush set for you to use in the current beauty box.

This Rose Gold 10-piece Eye Makeup Brush Set from Docolor has quick-drying fibrous hairs “The soft and dense synthetic fibers provide you an incredible touch and feel. The brush head is refined to provide a soft and comfortable touch. The brushes have this gorgeous Rose Gold glossy aluminum tube and the handle is high-quality, and unique with durable fine manworkship.

The set mostly features eyeshadow brushes but also has one brow brush as well as a nose contour and concealer brush. (see the detailed guide below)

Really there are only two categories of people on this planet, A) the ones that never mess up their makeup no matter what and B) those that need to watch 5 youtube videos in slow motion to apply eyeshadow. So if you’re a beginner (aka person B) and need help with eyeshadow makeup looks you’re reading the right article!

Just know that in order to create a great makeup look you won’t need all of these (duh) but using each brush for their specific purpose will definitely get you from amateur status to a master in applying eyeshadow.
So bear with me, yes it looks scary but it will all make sense very quickly.

Eyeshadow Brushes guides for beginners

1 - Big Blending Brush - It’s the perfect brush for a nose contour. This gives the perks of a nose job without the irreversible commitment.

2 - Regular Blending brush - This one is used for blending eyeshadow colors together. So you can have a seamless look

3 - Tapered Blending Brush - Packs on eyeshadows and shades on the eyelids. Use it when you want to accentuate a color on the eyelid.

4 - Eye Shading Brush - This one should be used for applying darker eyeshadow colors on the eyelids.

5 - Small Blending Brush - Here’s a second blending brush. However this one needs to be used for blending eyeshadows on smaller areas for  better precision.

6 - Small Tapered Blending Brush - This brush is great to create great details. For more creative looks and creative elements on the eyelids.

7-  Short Shader Brush - This flat brush will help you pack on shades in smaller areas of your lid without getting messy.

8 - Flat Definer Brush -  If you need to emphasize your eyeliner this brush is going to be your best friend. Use it to create sharp lines with a creamy eyeliner.

9 - Concealer brush - To apply concealer on eyelids. Yes, concealer can be applied on your eyelids as a primer! This will allow the eyeshadow to stay longer and make the eyeshadow colors pop.

10 - Angled Brow Brush - This one is to apply brow with precision. What is a brush set without one specifically for brows?

How often is it important to clean them?
With a beautiful set of brushes it's important to also keep them clean! This will ensure your makeup is always beautifully blended, and also that you're keeping your skin free of gunk from a dirty brush. The American Academy of Dermatology recommends washing them every seven to 10 days.

To clean them follow the following steps:
Step 1 - Add baby shampoo or non-irritating soap to lukewarm water in a bowl

Step 2 - Dip only the brush head into the mixture and swirl

Step 3 - Rinse using lukewarm water

Step 4 - Use a clean sheet to pat the brushes and let them air dry.

Now that you know everything about using eyeshadow brushes to create great looks--lets get Inspired with some Creative eyeshadow makeup !

Look 1 - Enhance the lower lashes

Look 2 - Gold look

Look 3 - Grey smokey

Look 4 - @fatimacaser - Blue and yellow combo

Look 5 - @kamillegregory - Accentuated wing liner

Look 6 - @heriethpaul - Accentuate the lower lid with a pop of color

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