Easy Eyeliner techniques and Creative Eyeliner Looks you Wanna See NOW !

April 10, 2021

Why do winged eyeliner? Because it’s a beautiful sultry, sleek look that can elongate your eyes. No matter the eye shape - almond eyes, round eyes, monolid eyes--you name it!

We’re here to guide you on how to create the best winged eyeliner for your everyday life, as well as inspire you with some creative looks. We selected 3 styles from @kamillegregory that we are absolutely obsessing over.

In order to create these looks, you will need a liquid eyeliner or a pencil liner.

Using a liquid eyeliner will achieve a more graphic and precise look. On the other hand, a pencil liner is amazing for smokey eye makeup looks.

Here’s a short tutorial on how to create the perfect Winged Eyeliner Makeup Looks using both methods.

With a liquid eyeliner - Simple everyday eyeliner

The action steps are the following:

  1. Start with the flick on the outer portion of the eye
  2. Then connect it to the eyelid creating a V shape

Tip: For a better precision tilt your face and create a thin line where your upper eyelashes start.

  1. Connect a line to the previous V shape, to complete a triangle.
  2. Fill in the triangle

With a pencil liner -  Smokey-Eye eyeliner

  1. Start by creating a thin line at the root of your upper eyelashes.
  2. Stop before creating the flick and blend in the line.
  3. Once you’re done blending the upper part of your eyelash line, you can add more liner to the outer portion of the eye to build and create the shape you desire. Make it as long, and triangular, as you wish.
  4. Finish that outer corner, and use the pencil to gently line the waterline.

Tip: Keep the eye open, just do a gentle line on the outer corners or the eye.

NOW comes the fun part: Let’s smoke things up!

For that part you’re going to need a makeup Brush. It’s your lucky day (or month, is more accurate) because we have a complete set of eye makeup brushes in the current Beem Box. Check out our article to learn about them.

Back to the tutorial: For this look you’re gonna need the Eye Shading Brush or a Small Tapered Blending Brush and some eyeshadow, to enhance the smokey look. For an original smokey eye look we’d suggest using a dark grey or brown eyeshadow, or play around with brighter colors if you feel like it!

  1. Start blending the upper lash line. You wanna do small circles or small tapping motions to smudge it nicely.
  2. Add a wing, large or small, depending on how “BOOM I’m out there” you wanna be.

If you practice these steps on a daily basis, you’ll be a master in no time.

We mentioned at the beginning of this article we found some inspiration from @kamillegregory. Here are 3 killer eyeliner looks that inspired us this week.

Controlled Smudged

Eyecat but make it disco

Geometrical Style

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