May 13, 2021

Eyebrows are one of the most distinctive features on someone's face. They have so much importance and allow us humans to communicate through microexpressions and protect our eyes from dirt, light and water. Mostly they’re great at helping expressing ourselves. I mean think about it and try to have a full conversation with someone without raising or frowning your eyebrows. You’ll quickly realize it’s hard to do so in order to express the emotions one’s trying to share when having a conversation.

Yes so much goes through eyebrows and their shapes give clear insight into someone’s personality.

“According to a recent study conducted at MIT, famous faces are rendered unrecognizable in the absence of eyebrows, whereas faces without eyes are still identifiable.”

Ladies…MIT has spoken ! Cherish your eyebrows.

The Anatomy of An Eyebrow

Eyebrows have also had their fair share of discussion in the Makeup and Beauty industry in the past few years. More and more articles, youtube videos, cosmetic products are now focusing on that feature only.

And we want to take a stand in that conversation the way by giving you the best eyebrow pencil review. Buckle up !

Dearly beloved, we're gathered here today to inform you that having the perfect eyebrows shape has never been easier thanks to Chella Eyebrow Pencil. It’s Cruelty Free, Vegan, Paraben Free and Gluten Free ! And is available in 9 different shades. And Psst It’s coming in the next Beem Box ;). You’ll thank us very soon.

It has a pencil that will allow you to create subtle strokes to make your eyebrows fuller, while the brow brush will put your hairs in place.

Now that we have your attention on the importance of this face feature AND introduced you to your eyebrows’ new best friend, we’d like to show you 3 easy ways to shape and style your eyebrows. These methods are great to follow on your own features, in order to have the perfect eyebrow look every single time !

Here's how to maintain your eyebrows at home and get them perfectly shaped.

The first method is the XX Eyebrows Shaping:

Step 1: Creates 2 large X following the picture above.

Step 2: Overline the eyebrows upper and lower lines.

Step 3: Fill in the eyebrow using the pencil by creating subtle stokes following the hair directions.

Step 4: Blend it all out using the brush. Trying to remain within the outlines of the brows.

(Source here)

The Second Method is the Snake Eyebrows Shaping:

Step 1: Start on the upper Front part of your brow. Create a line to join the middle then go back up to reach the peak (also called arch) and finally draw a line to the tail.

Step 2: Line the eyebrow upper and lower part respecting the different peaks previously created.

Step 3: Fill in the eyebrow using the pencil by creating subtle stokes following the hair directions.

Step 4: Blend it all out using the brush. Trying to remain within the outlines of the brows.

(Source Here)

The Third Method is The Tweezer Eyebrows Shaping:

Step 1: Use the pencil part of your Eyebrow Pencil to color the tweezer.

Step 2: Use the tweezer to outline the eyebrows.

Step 3: Fill in the eyebrow using the pencil then use the brush side and blend it all together.

(Source Here)

Trust us ! All you need is this Eyebrow Pencil Brush to be able to know how to fill in your eyebrows from the comfort of your own home. No need for sophisticated tutorials and expensive investments in microblading.

Additional Tip: If you have a hard time taming your hair try to invest in a clear eyebrow gel OR simply rub the Eyebrow Pencil Brush on a bar soap before brushing your hair up.

Also for an amazing “no make up make up” look get your eyebrows done + eyeliner and look sophisticated af to go to the grocery store or run any errands.

And let’s not forget to mention that the Chella Eyebrow Pencil available in the May Box comes in 9 different shades which are going to perfectly match your specific hues based on your profile. Bye-bye mismatched eyebrows colors !

Chella Eyebrow Pencil 9 shades

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